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Jellal artwork! #fairytail #jellal #anime #art


Jellal artwork! #fairytail #jellal #anime #art

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….I had way too fun drawing naval officer jelly/jerza

only the first one was planned the other two weren’t even supposed to exist don’t blame me if they suck

still following this list started by fearlessaim

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Reason to be in a relationship with me:

I will only ever cheat on you with fictional characters.

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My sister (md-otaku) and I have been writing a fanfiction for a few months now. I haven’t posted anything yet because I wanted to make sure I’d be able to complete it. Now I know exactly where it’s going and what is going to happen in the few chapters I have left to write, so I wanted to post these pictures I drew from it.

Description: All kinds of interesting stuff happens at Fairy Hills High School. Jellal discovers this when he has to pretend to be Mist, his identical triplet brother, and spend his senior year with Erza, Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and a whole host of other incident causing Fairy Tail foster kids. Siegrain, his other triplet, causes even more trouble from his Student Council position at the prestigious Era Academy. Will Jellal make it through the year without being found out? Will he be able to resist his feelings for his scarlet-haired best friend? Probably not, but it’ll be interesting.

Picture 1. Here’s an excerpt to go along with this one:

As soon as she stepped out of the locker room, however, coherent thought left him. In her own clothes, she had looked stunning. Loose-fitting, guys’ clothes did nothing to make her look especially nice, but Jellal couldn’t help but find her absolutely adorable in his clothes. He couldn’t figure out why he thought that way, but he couldn’t deny that he did. She smiled slightly at him, seeming a little embarrassed.

She- she’s so cute, he thought.

"Do I look bad?" she asked. Jellal didn’t trust himself to speak, so he just shook his head vehemently. "Your stupid brother stole my clothes," she went on.

Jellal was confused. “Sieg?” he asked. “Why would he do that?” Erza shrugged and Jellal’s eyes followed the curve of her shoulder as the fabric of his shirt slid off of it. She adjusted the neckline back into place, snapping Jellal out of the odd daydream his mind had started pulling him towards. “I’ll help you get them back,” he said.

"Thanks," she smiled. "I’m pretty sure he’s just trying to mess with me."

"Sorry," Jellal said. "You know as well as I do how much of a jerk he can be sometimes."

Picture 2. This is a Mystwalker moment. Mist ‘Mystogan’ is a musician and is on tour with his favorite band, Anima. He meets Erza Knightwalker there.

Picture 3. This is after Siegrain gets punched in the face by Natsu. It was actually the first scene Maddy and I came up with and the reason we wanted to write the story.

There’s a lot of other stuff that goes on with lots of other characters, but it’s mainly a Jerza fic. I’ll start posting chapters soon to see if anyone is interested in it.

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Conversation With My Older Sister About Her Irrational Fear Of Going In The Garage


My Sister: I can’t go into the cockroach pit.

Me: Well I’m not getting the sleeping bag for you.

My Sister: Fine! I’ll just sleep naked on the floor!

Me: …

My Sister: I mean, ‘naked’ as in ‘sans sleeping bag’ not ‘sans clothes’.

#All this while she obsessed over drawing Jellal Fernandes’ hair on the kitchen floor #at midnighnt #when she needs to pack and shower #She is 21 years old

You make it sound like it’s not important to get his hair right.

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© グルブシ

Trans© melllllly

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Hi I was tagged by jellybean-jellalsexual. So here are the rules!

1. Always post the rules
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1. Can you draw well? I’m okay. I’ve gotten a lot better.

2. Do you have any siblings? I have a little sister! md-otaku

3. Do you drink alcohol? Sometimes. Not excessively.

4. What is your favorite animal? SEA TURTLES

5. What kind of breakfast do you usually eat? I don’t usually eat breakfast, actually. Sometimes I’ll have cereal or poptarts or something.

6. Who is your favorite character of all time, out of anything, ever? Ehhhh!!! Um…. Oh gosh. Right now… I guess… Jellal Fernandes from Fairy Tail. Probably just because I’m really into Fairy Tail right now and he’s my favorite type of character.

7. What is the best number? 42. The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

8. Do you like video games? I love video games.

9. Are you good at video games? Ehh, some of them I’m good at. Others I play despite not being all that great.

10. What is your favorite book? Ever? I have no clue. My favorite series include Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Lord of the Rings.

11. Do you prefer hot or cold weather? I like when it’s cold out. Because it’s easier to make yourself warmer than to make yourself colder.

So here are my questions….

1. What is your favorite eye color?

2. Who do you live with?

3. Do you like chocolate?

4. What is your favorite snack food?

5. What color is your hair?

6. What is your favorite TV show?

7. Who is your favorite character in that show?

8. Do you wear jewelry?

9. What is your favorite pair of shoes?

10. Who is your best friend?

11. If you could pick any sort of magic to be able to do, what would you pick?

I will tag… md-otaku, the-scarlett-sky, unwritten101, kels-knud, the-knight-and-the-fugitive, hellyeahjerza, and whatinthegeek Enjoy!!!

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Here is my phone! My wallpaper is my fiancé and I. (That countdown widget is the countdown for our wedding day. :) )

I was tagged by jellybean-jellalsexual (holy crap, I think we have the same phone!! And lock screen app?…. Who are you?!?!)
I tag… md-otaku, the-scarlett-sky, and scarlet-jelly.

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whatinthegeek asked: Are you really from Georgia?

Yup! Lived here for the past 10 years. Why?

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Now that Jellal is back, can he PLEASE TAKE OFF HIS DAMN SHIRT!!??

In the manga his shirt was ripped to shreds. It made it make more sense for him to go steal someone else’s clothes.